Onsite Program Development

Our team of leading experts is available to tailor our services to your needs. Each consultation comes with an onsite evaluation to assess any concerns moving forward with instituting your program. The level of program development and hands on support is custom designed based on the individual program. Many combinations are available, even with existing programs that desire enhanced services. Contact MechLife for further assistance.

Training Classes with Simulation

ECLS training with latest innovations is a top priority at MechLife. We offer comprehensive courses with high-fidelity simulation. Courses are designed for the multidisciplinary teams for MDs, RNs, perfusionists, RTs and APs seeking proficiency in care of the adult ECLS patient. Each course will cover early patient recognition, types of ECLS, cannulation techniques, patient and circuit management and weaning. Circuit management and emergency preparedness will be a top focus with simulation training. Each class will be small to allow for more involvement with the student. MechLife is also available to come to your site and teach.

Staffing ECLS Specialists

Mechlife knows staffing ECLS patterns can be stressful for an institution. Our team offers staffing with our highly trained specialist on a prn basis. Contact us for more information.

Virtual Consultations

MechLife is available 24/7 for you. When troubleshooting and difficult decisions arise, we can help.